Residential Cleaning

We are passionate about residential cleaning. As suckers for hygiene and cleanliness ourselves, we help support people in having the cleanest and safest homes for their families, particularly in our pandemic-challenged times. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch service, and a friendly cleaning team that will understand your needs and leave you delighted in the process. 


Domestic cleaning

In our busy schedules today, sometimes cleanliness and routine cleans can fall down the priority list. When you retain WCG Cleaning’s services, you are entrusting your home cleaning to an experienced, trustworthy team. We work to your schedule and needs, with flexible booking arrangements and various package types. Get on with life guilt-free while we get on with cleaning your home.

End of Lease / Bond

When you move into a home you’d expect it to be in clean, and likewise when you move out of a home you’re expected to leave it clean for the next tenant or resident. Restoring your house’s hygiene to what it was when you moved in is a core tenet of renting, and that’s exactly what our Bond/End of lease clean offers. Not doing a good enough job on one’s end of lease clean could result in losing a portion of your bond, so it’s important to do the job right. WCG Cleaning ensures your home is left in impeccable condition.

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Bathroom cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom is perhaps the most dreaded task when cleaning any home – in fact, many clients seek us out solely to clean their bathroom! Our experienced, professional staff pay strict attention to detail when cleaning any bathroom, giving special attention to disinfecting the toilet, removing difficult soap scum and build up from showers and bathtubs, cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces to a crystal clear finish and much more!

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is the heart of the home and sees a lot of traffic day after day. This means that it needs special attention to make sure it is at it’s cleanest, and our cleaners will provide just that. A professional clean from the WCG Cleaning team will see your kitchen look, feeling and smelling fresh. Our services include:

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Tile and grout cleaning

Tile is a widely popular choice for flooring because of its low-maintenance and vast variety. Just like carpet cleaning, tile and grout need professional attention in order to combat the ground-in grime, contaminants, germ breeding and discolouration that occur naturally from use and age. WCG Cleaning’s certified experts are the best at bringing the original color and vibrancy back to your worn tiles and giving new life to grout that has darkened and pitted over time. Your surfaces can look new again, taking years off your decor! What we can do for you:

Carpet cleaning Wollongong

We specialise in cleaning commercial and residential carpets. Not only does a stained or dusty carpet make your home or office an unsightly space, the dirt you don’t see is potentially creating a breeding ground for bacteria and disease, creating allergies and health issues.

Our team deep cleans your carpet to make it as clean as the day it was installed. Our cleaners are fully trained and among the most experienced in the market, ensuring a reliable clean of your carpet each and every time.