Carpet Cleaning

WCG Cleaning are expert carpet and upholstery cleaners. With hundreds of satisfied clients, we guarantee a deep clean that will leave your space looking and feeling fresh.

Carpet cleaning for every need

We specialise in cleaning commercial and residential carpets. Not only does a stained or dusty carpet make your home or office an unsightly space, the dirt you don’t see is potentially creating a breeding ground for bacteria and disease, creating allergies and health issues.

Our team deep cleans your carpet to make it as clean as the day it was installed. Our cleaners are fully trained and among the most experienced in the market, ensuring a reliable clean of your carpet each and every time.

Sofa / couch cleaning

No furniture sees as much use as the sofa. It is the hub of the home, where family time, social visits and leisure all take place. Over the years, spills, accidents and general wear and tear can leave your sofa looking a little worse for wear but with our sofa cleaning service, your sofa will find a new lease on life.

WCG Cleaning uses specialist equipment and carefully selected chemicals to clean your sofa, remove stains and eliminate odours. After our service, your sofa will feel as close to new as possible.

Mattress Cleaning

Every bed should be the ultimate safe haven – a place for rest at the end of a long day. But sometimes, they become dirty following years of use. It could have soaked up untold amounts of sweat, dust, dead skin cells and could potentially contain dust mites.

WCG Cleaning is here to help. Our expert cleaners will vacuum your mattress on a high-suction setting to penetrate deeply, then treat any stains with products most suitable for the mattress. Once we’re done, your mattress will feel fresh and new with a new lease on its life!

Some of the key features of our carpet cleaning work:

  • We use only eco-friendly products
  • We use the least amount of water possible while ensuring a perfect clean
  • We return the volume and fluffiness to your carpet with our deep clean
  • Careful cleaning methods to ensure that no shrinking or stretching takes place
  • Removal of deep stains, dirt from pets or foul odours.
  • Effective elimination of germs, bacteria and fungi.