Centre Cleaning

We pride ourselves on keeping organisations and communities tidy through cleaning medical centres, child-care facilities, nursing homes and many other centres.

Medical Centres

Medical Centers, of course, require the highest standard of cleaning with hygiene being essential. Our high quality chemicals are a testament to our commitment to observe the highest of sanitary standards. Avoiding cross contamination is vital within a medical center, and something our team is trained to avoid.

Our use of the Color Code Guide is imperative in this situation. Clean, uncluttered floors are essential for safe and efficient movement around the hospital for staff, patients and visitors alike. Wollongong City Cleaning Services clean and mop floors every day when working with hospitals.

At WCG we understand that good cleaning is not only relevant in terms of appearances – they should actually be clean.

Our aim is to make a statement to patients, visitors and staff of medical clinics of what cleanliness should be. 

The highly trained cleaners at Wollongong City Cleaning are experts in providing specialist medical cleaning of the highest standard across health centres in Wollongong, and will guarantee a sterile and highly sanitised workplace, critical for a medical practice.

Nursing Homes

At Wollongong City Cleaning we strive to keep our clients happy by providing specialist services. We understand the need for high levels of sanitation to cater for the elderly in especially the cooler months where common flues thrive.

We can service whole common areas of nursing homes as well as individual suites and amenities. 

Schools and Childcare

With children of all ages running around, clean toilets are paramount. Clean toilets and public facilities in schools are our number one priority. Regular dusting is important where children and adults can suffer from allergies, asthma, and hay fever. Clean, well-maintained floors help ensure the comfort and safety of children and staff alike.

WCG is proud to be servicing various educational facilities throughout Wollongong. Our expectations are high and our level of commitment is nothing short of the highest. WCG is proud of the systems, procedures, staffing structures and professionalism in place to accommodate our highly valued clients in this sector of cleaning.